Safety tips at Christmas season for all family

Safety tips at Christmas

In the vehicle:

-To refer to your vehicle do not waste time, stay very alert. Porte keys in hand previously and make sure nobody this hanging around. Be careful beside your vehicle is parked another with people inside. Parking is not delay in lowering, do it fast and avoid staying in the vehicle.
-If when approaching your vehicle, also makes it another person who suddenly appears, and if there is a safe distance between you, pretend that I forgot something gesturing and touching the forehead with one hand, return to the place from which came out. Note that if the person on board another vehicle, followed another direction or actually sought to intercept you. Do not exit until you feel safe.
-If you detect a failure or a rubber on your vehicle, be careful, because it is possible to have been caused by someone to offer help and cheat it or assaulting him.
-Before addressing your vehicle, check that no one is in or under the same. Once inside delay start and set in motion.
-When driving, avoid placing your belongings on the seats, it will be easy prey for thieves who used the famous “cristalazo”. Parking do not leave valuables in sight. Never under any circumstances leave their children alone inside the vehicle.
-Insurance hold positions at all times when driving and raise them you them closed. If driving at night avoid to go alone. home Improvement
-Drive with caution and observe traffic signals, be courteous and stay calm. Never insult other drivers; never lower your vehicle to a “troublemaker”. Consider that the driver of the other vehicle may carry a firearm.
-If you go to a party with costume, tuxedo, dress night or gala, avoid to show it when you go driving; put a trench coat that covers it.
-Avoid leaving your car on the street, in places sections, badly lit and unattended.
-If it comes to a public place with parking service, make sure that who receive your vehicle is employee of the place. Avoid show jewelry or values to valet parking service, you could be selected as a possible victim, and leaving be attacked en route.
-Make less use of the remote control to open and close the vehicle, use the keys.

Shopping malls:

- As recommended standard of safety for women who attend these dates to shop “using bags with zipper and crossed in front, shoulder”.
-In the case of the Knights, portfolio not will under no circumstances in the back pocket of the trousers, always do it in the front pockets and particularly in places with large crowds.
-Should be separated, documentation, the house keys and wallet with money, bag or wrap.
-In some shops there are small lockers where after inserting a coin, we can put our belongings and stay with the wrench, don’t be fooled because it is not the first time that will make backup copies of those keys by thieves and the lesser dismissal, they subtract those belongings, therefore please do not leave valuables in slogans that, in principle, “are not as safe as they seem”.
-Make sure “tour” that makes your credit card to pay for purchases at all times. Without wishing to criminalize anyone, it is not the first time that a purchase has claimed the same article several times and have been to copy data from these cards to be able to commit a crime with them. Whenever you make a payment using your card, required to be in their presence, at any time consent either in the back or out of your visual perception.
-In crowded areas this attentive to pickpocket and descuideros, as well as their garments of wrap, gift packages, shopping bags, luggage, cell phones…

home Improvement
-In celebrations with friends, families or colleagues, the joy and the party you must respect the rest of others, urban furniture and facilities of any enclosure. Not to use violence, or leave any of your companions do it: it’s never the end, but the beginning of other problems.
-Controls what drink, do not drink by drink, overdo the alcohol can cause you problems. And of course, stay away of any drug.
-Consumption of ALCOHOL is totally INCOMPATIBLE with the driving of any vehicle. This not only goes for you, but for your people; Don’t let anyone drive if he has drunk, for the good of all. “Don’t you expect all his life”.
-If going on vacation a few days, you should take the logical precautionary measures to prevent theft at home and vehicles.
-Remember to follow safety measures minimum for the season. home Improvement